Terra Vitis®


«Terra Vitis, is the stamp of French vinegrower-winemakers who respect nature and Man and who craft wines to please the taste buds. »

Our wines has been certified TerraVitis® since 2011. This brand guarantees wines that have been crafted following a rigorous approach with the consumer firmly in mind. We offer a clean, quality wine that respects man and the environment. 


Terra Vitis® in details :

Transparancy :

The Terra Vitis approach is unique in France: the entire process, from the vine to the bottle, is certified every year for the vinegrower-winemaker to be able to use the Terra Vitis brand on his bottle.

Every stage in the production cycle is verified to guarantee optimal quality of the product.
Each member of Terra Vitis is inspected and is issued with a personalized authorization to us the brand every year.

Transparancy is ensure by an independant body ( http://www.certipaq.com/ ethttp://www.afnor.org/ ).


The quality of our regions wines

This rigor is reflected in Terra Vitis wines themselves. The combination of details within the Terra Vitis approach means that consumers are brought healthy and authentic wines that allow the terroir they come from to shine through. Representing all the vineyards of France, Terra Vitis acts as an ambassador for French vinegrower-winemaker know-how. All the diversity and the quality of our regions’ wines shine through the Terra Vitis signature for the consumer to enjoy.

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