The Vineyard

Mediterranean Climate

The Domaine de Brescou spreads its 30ha of vines on the gentle slopes of the Languedoc hills, approximately 25 kilometers from the Mediterranean and between Montpellier and Beziers. Here, a privileged soil, blessed by a favorable climate produces excellent red, white and rosé wines.

Growing grapevines and winemaking

Thanks to careful treatment and trimming of the wine, an average yield of 36 hectolitres per hectare can be maintained.  It goes without saying that all steps in the wine making are coherent with existing EU-regulations and with respect for the environment. We apply the working method lutte raisonnée e.g. avoiding non organic fertilizers and penetrating pesticides. Aging in oak barrels is applied depending on the requirements for the final product.  Our quality ambitions have resulted in numerous diplomas and medals over the years.